Bloody hell, what a busy old day, it started off with me being in a muddle, partly from tiredness.  I wore my UNwaterproof watch in the shower, then filled my coffee cup to the rim with milk instead of hot water at breakfast time.  I wondered why it was cold!  🙂

I got my stitches out early this morning at the Doctors, I almost swore at the Nurse, extremely sore, my eyes were watering.   I have to go back on Friday now as the wound should not still be sore and my foot painful to walk on.  There is an infection in it, it is all gooey… eeww, not pretty to look at.  The Nurse put some special gel in it, then dressed it again, it will be assessed/checked again on Friday.  If no better, then I may need drugs to clear it up.

I am so itching to go for a walk, I haven’t been since before my operation, so is about 3 1/2 weeks now, I am seizing up.  I so miss my Harriers Walking Club on Saturday afternoons, I do hope I get back to walking in the fresh air one day!

My car failed a warrant of fitness this afternoon, bugger, I need to buy a new tyre. I will sort that out in the morning.

I just finished this Bird Feeder today and managed to carefully (without straining my tummy) bang the pole into my front garden.  I have always wanted one of these, I saw a picture of a cup and saucer on a pole as a bird feeder years ago.  Finally …I modified an old wrought iron candle stick holder I no longer liked, then added the  china, vintage plates, I even glued on a teaspoon for the birdies to perch on.  I added an extra bread and butter plate for the bigger birds underneath.  All I need now is to buy some bird seed to make up a special treat for them.   We have tuis, fantails, bellebirds, moreporks and plenty of other native birds on our property.  I hope our two cats leave them alone when they arrive.

I am pleased with the way it turned out, I put it at the front of the house near my front door to admire them. Excuse the weeds in my photo. 

I have added a couple more photos of some recent items I have made, one being a brain hat, I saw something similar on the google images and just made up a pattern, with lots and lots of icords. It took me ages to sew them on, especially trying to get the right side of the brain hat a mirror image of the left side.  It is funny and ultra warm, I even feel very intelligent wearing it.  

The plug necklace I made at my Art Classes a couple of weeks prior to my Operation.   I brought a plug from the local plumbing shop and used special sand to make a mould.  I then pulled the plug out, I was then heated up  a lump of pewter with the gas torch.  With a few shrieks on lighting it, I saw it change from a solid piece of metal into a liquid.  I then shakily poured it into a hole I made in the mould.   It was like magic opening it, pulling apart the two pieces.  I did the same for my Bug Brooch…so much fun with instant results.  I filed it smooth, then finished it off with a ball chain, like a real plug.   🙂

I want to make another one sometime.

Tomorrow night I am going out with my volunteer friends from the Hospice for our ‘Mid Winter Volunteers Party’.  The Hospice shouts us a nice meal out to say thanks for volunteering over the year.  Can’t wait for a nice meal out, time to put my feet up and see my friends.

Time for bed I think… Nigh Night.

My bird feeder

My bird feeder


In my front garden

In my front garden

One of my latest knitted items, my colourful  and warm slouch hat.

One of my latest knitted items, my colourful and warm slouch hat.

My brain hat

My brain hat

On my dummies head

On my dummies head

My cast pewter plug necklace

My cast pewter plug necklace

My favourite piece of jewellery at the moment

My favourite piece of jewellery at the moment









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  1. rowenamaxwell
    Jul 24, 2013 @ 22:26:19

    Hey, glad I stumbled across your blog!


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