I have a big conference to attend tomorrow in Dunedin for a group I am a member of.  Today people arrived from all over New Zealand, our Dunedin Society organized a bus trip around all the sites in Dunedin.  As my Sister, Brenda is over from Australia and only here for two more days I asked if she could go on it with me.

We had a ball, with mostly older people as visitors.  We visited some great Dunedin sites around the town and outskirts. Although Brenda and I have always lived in Dunedin, we even learnt a few things along the way with commentary from our bus driver.

We went past the new Dunedin Stadium, the Railway Station, past Cadburys, Speights Brewery, past Olveston, thru the town belt. We saw some great Dunedin Iconic Historic houses owned by famous New Zealanders including the Speights Family, Frances Hogkins, the Hudson Family, saw the Students (Scarfies) flats in Castle Street, went up the Steepest Street in the world – Baldwin Street and then had afternoon tea at Ross Home in North East Valley.

Brenda and I had the back seat on the bus with two older gentleman from Timaru, I think they enjoyed our yapping and laughter.

It was a fun day out, I am tired now doing nothing.  We ended up back at the grand Southern Cross Hotel in town, we had to take each others photo in their equally grand foyer. We tried to pose like ladies.

Then we ran up the glitzy gold stairs to have a look at the Casino, I have never been to it.  I watched as Brenda lost a few bob.  I took some sneeky photos.   Gambling … a terrible addiction… maybe I am just a ‘jewball’!    I couldn’t believe the older people there, mostly grandmas or nanas, possibly spending their pension.  I was shocked.

Tomorrow is Registration at 9am, then the conference and lunch , also held at the Southern Cross, I wonder what my Gluten Free option will be – crayfish …hope so 🙂 We have lots of good speakers attending.

Then it will be home for a shower and to dress up, Colin and I will then head back to the Hotel and hop on the bus to attend a meal and dance at Larnach Castle… neat, I have only been inside when I was a child.  I wonder what we should wear.

Here’s a couple of photos of Bren and I.

Brenda Brat

Brenda Brat

Me in the cool comfy chair

Me in the cool comfy chair

The ponsy gold staircase

The ponsy gold staircase

Gambler ha ha

Gambler ha ha





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