I met two great friends in town early this morning for coffee and cake. My Sister Brenda turned a year older today, so we all celebrated her birthday with yummy cake (mine being a yummy but small Gluten Free Caramel Square).  We wrote a special message to Bren on one of the serviettes, took a photo of it and then I emailed it over to her in Australia when I returned home.  I am 46, Brenda is now 45, so we are very close in age, Mum must have been a busy lady!  🙂

Brenda texted me earlier to say the photo made her day.  She also told me she has a hangover from going out last night.  Geez Bren, I thought you would have learnt by now that drinking too much will do this :P.  I am glad you had a great day, I hope to see you again sometime soon.   All our love from Dunedin.

Time to rest up now and read the newspaper after a busy day of  too much talking, and then a 2 hour fast walk along the beach with my walking club.

Here is the photo we sent my favourite and only Sister.  Nigh Night all.

Great company for coffee and cake

Great company for coffee and cake


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