So finally Colin may be discharged tomorrow, his levels (neutrofils) have risen today to point 4, he has to be point 5 to be safe to come home without any risk of infection.  Fingers crossed.

…would you believe one of our bloody cats, Colina the tortiseshell one just bit me! . on my wrist for no reason, it is sore, she even drew blood.  The evil little bitch.  She decided to sit on my knee as usual while I have a spare half an hour to look up craft websites.  That’s it, I am not going to be her friend anymore, she has a split personality.

Watch out for this evil beast! - Colina

Watch out for this evil beast! – Colina

Anyway, I am hoping to get the big tick to go into Hospital to pick Col up tomorrow 🙂 It seems to have been a long three weeks this time in hospital (he calls it his cell, in jail).  And I don’t blame him. The Specialist told him this morning, he will probably only be home for a week this time and then start the fourth lot of chemo 😦

Colin is not a moaner, he is bored and so over all this shite, but he is such a good person, just trying to get thru each day.  I am pleased he still has his sense of humour, it does help.

It will be good when all this cancer treatment is over.   I bumped into my Aunty Susan yesterday in my favourite Design Shop, it is closing down, I have been a regular shopper at ‘Things Design Store’ for years now.  They always have cool funky stuff, mostly NZ made.  It is often wacky or different, they also have a great selection of necklaces and earings.   They had a 40% sale off all stock, there were people for miles, some people were pushing in the line,

Aunty Sue brought a bit with my help and I brought two smaller items. I also have had my eye on a nice necklace of a girls dress on a coat hanger for a long time, my lovely Aunty knew I wanted it but  I chose to buy a christmas pressie for our daughter instead.  Guess what? yes, she was ever so kind and brought it for me :), I am very very lucky.  I wore it today and had a couple of good comments on it.

Susan has always been my favourite Aunty, she is Mum’s younger Sister.   Sue and Mum use to be very close and go to town together most weeks on a Friday.  Mum couldn’t drive, so Sue took her.  They use to be silly and giggle and just about wet their pants laughing.  Sue, like us was devastated when Mum died of Cancer.

Geez, she reminded me of Mum in that shop yesterday, in a teary – eyed nice way though.  She also told me some lovely stories of her and Mum and what they used to get up to.  The best one she said was that Mum wanted Subway for lunch, it was on her ‘bucket list’.

Sue said Mum asked the young man for 12 inches, they both really lost the plot. … you can imagine, the two of them got the giggles and couldn’t stop laughing.  I wonder if the poor chap was embarrased, or thought – dirty old woman!  🙂

Mum was 60 when she died, a young 60 though, she had a great sense of humour.  I loved seeing Sue, and helping her pick some things in the shop to buy, then we walked up town together and wasted another half an hour yapping.

Just had to share this cake with you, piggies swimming in a mud pool, or mud cake. Yum It's fantastic.

Just had to share this cake with you, piggies swimming in a mud pool, or mud cake. Yum
It’s fantastic.

After an early Hospital visit to see Colin this morning, I spent most of the day at a Korowai weaving course in Ocean View in a quaint wee church.   Robin, our teacher from last year invited me to come along again to join the group that meet often either there or in Taieri Mouth.

I planned on going a month ago but Colin had to cancel for me at the last minute when I ended up in Hospital for a few days with suspected Gallstones.   Today I made it, I spent a few hours preparing my feathers, you use soap to keep a group of three  feathers firmly together and  you have to make millions , even for a mini cloak.

I am using Duck Feathers this time in various colours.  I then practised my stitches to see if I had remembered any of it from last year.  I will go back to the next one in a month to do some more and in the meantime I will practise and maybe start the Korowai.   I really liked Robin’s hides of pheasant, they are beautiful feathers, the birds have all died naturally  or are road kill when she buys them from someone in NZ.    The colours are amazing, each skin/hide is $30.   A full size cloak uses around 30 of them, so you can understand the cost of each cloak when people make them for commissions or for sale.  They take months to do as well.    I will do another mini one like my last one I framed,  but would like to make a family one one day…who knows … I may 🙂 .  It was a good day out with 5 friendly weavers.

Pheasant  pelt

Pheasant pelt

Up close

Up close

With one of the weavers Korowai in the background.

With one of the weavers Korowai in the background.

I am planning on doing a 8km walk tomorrow through Dunedin’s town belt, it is a family walk, not really a race at all, but there is a chance to pick up four great prizes (by a random drawer) .  They are prizes of nature events  to go to in Dunedin.   Colin wanted to do the walk with me, it was his idea, but it is not to be, I don’t think he should have done it so soon after being in the hospital  if out a few days ago anyway,   I doubt he could have managed the whole thing either, he has no muscle tone or energy.  I would have liked to have walked it with him though or part of it .. for his sake…

I will do it on my own then visit him and hopefully take him home in the afternoon 🙂 yay.

A photo I found on my sister's facebook page, dress ups for Halloween at her work.  She is scary :) but looks cool.

A photo I found on my sister’s facebook page, dress ups for Halloween at her work. She is scary 🙂 but looks cool.



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