Colin is still at home, shhhh don’t tell the Specialist, but he and I tailed the lambs this morning and ringed the nuts of the boy lambs.   We both wore gloves though and Colin wore his mask, just for a precaution.

Colin with a blacky one

Colin with a blacky one

The lambs were very cute, I had a few cuddles, but felt terrible when I put a ring on one of the boy’s balls …ouch..    I didn’t mind ringing their tails, but they don’t like their nuts/balls ha ha being done.  I feel a little cruel.  They squirm around the paddock for a good few hours and lie down a lot.   Has to be done though.

ring the nuts = ouch

ring the nuts = ouch

We managed to get  all the sheep in the pens/yards quite easily this morning.   Actually they followed me to the yards, I was a bit weary taking the picture of them looking back towards the back of our house, as there was two beasts amongst the herd = two rams 😦    We don’t turn our backs on them! They are evil.

Follow the leader

Follow the leader

They didn ‘t take long to do at all.   You have to hold on super tight as they kick like billy goats and are agile and fast.

Me having a cuddle

Me having a cuddle

It was hot at midday, Colin and I went on an almighty BIG road trip… just kidding .. a small drive down to the Broad Bay China shop for a look and to get Colin out of the house.  I spend a whole $6 on a blue art glass vintage vase.

I wanted an icecream on the way home, but we changed to a coffee instead.  I AM a greedy guts. And I didn’t really need it.

Colin and I are waiting to hear any day now when he has to go back into hospital for his next round of chemo… he might even get a phone call tomorrow?   He has been home a week now 🙂  He is still weak and tired, but eating quite well and happy being at home.  He has been polishing up little bits of chrome on his car he is doing up, it is a cool VW Karmann Ghia, it is going to be my car one day 🙂   I love them.

I picked some pretty flowers this afternoon from my garden for one of my vases.

Then the rain started, it has been pretty strong most of the late afternoon, we had 23 degrees today though, it is still warm.  We had a nice salad for tea that I made and also a shrimp cocktail each with the lettuce and celery Tom my friend gave us.  It was tasty.

Pretty flowers for the house

Pretty flowers for the house



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