Well it has been a super busy, stressful week.  The young girl is home from Hospital after a few days stay, hence no posts.  We are relieved things have settled down a bit.

The lass is on lots of medication and antibiodicts, her hospital discharge papers said that the swab and blood test results are still pending.   I hope they do come through soon so we know what the problem was with her breathing and fast heart rate.  They suspect that it was a real bad case of Influenza. She is still coughing (or barking) but is glad to be home.

Colin is due to go back into hospital tomorrow afternoon for his fourth lot of chemotherapy.   He will have to stay in at night for this lot instead of getting done during the day at the Oncology Outpatients Department as this type of chemo needs to be given to him every eight hours.

This morning we decided to go for a small drive to view some of the cars entering a car and motorbike annual drive from one end of Dunedin, through the suburbs to the other end of the city.  All car owners pay $5, this money goes to The Hospice (where I sometimes volunteer).  A young chap in a Dunedin car club started this event four years ago.   It is such a worthwhile cause , we would have driven in it with our VW, but couldn’t this year as Colin is not allowed to be around too many people.   I took a few photos outside of the car, Colin didn’t get out as it was too cold for him.  He enjoyed viewing some old and rare cars and a few hotrods with massive motors whizzing past. I waved to one of the girls at work who was travelling in their Camaro car with her Husband driving. Some of the cars, Ford Capris, Cortinas and Holdens brought back our childhood or late teen memories.

After that, I scored a few vintage finds at a local second hand shop on the way home.  A cute  white vintage ceramic mouse, an art glass clear vase that I collect, they were both $1 each, also a snazzy roll of retro green wallpaper for $2.  Did I tell you, I Lovvvvvvvvvvve the colour Green!    I want to use the roll as Christmas wrapping paper.

I am obsessed or should I say possessed with all things vintage or with a bit of cuteness or character.  I cannot go past a second hand shop without going in.   It makes me happy, and since we have no wages coming at the moment with Colin being unwell , it really is a good thing that I only ever spend a few dollars.  :)

Here are some photos to show you from today:-

Cuteness on four wheels

Cuteness on four , oops three wheels

I love Corvette Stingrays too....and Holdens...

I love Corvette Stingrays too….and Holdens…



Motorbikes too

Motorbikes too


A motorised push bike rider  zoomed past on his 'spiffy' machine, he was going super fast too.  It made us laugh.

A motorised push bike rider zoomed past on his ‘spiffy’ machine, he was going super fast too. It made us laugh.

A nifty find today

A nifty find today

I will finish with a craft project I would like to have a go at one day… I like Pom Poms alot these days too.

The overcast and drizzly weather has improved since early this morning.  See you for now. Donna

Pom Pom icecreams...with no calories.

Pom Pom icecreams…with no calories.

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