I have had a shitty old day at work today, had to work late, then missed my walk with my friends, then started thinking about our situation.  Ho hum, tomorrow will be better.  I did get a nice email from my wee sister today 🙂 

I saw my Surgeon yesterday too, I guess I have been thinking about that.   I  finally saw him after almost five months going by from my surgery.  The Hospital has changed the appointment on me four times, very frustrating. My Surgeon wasn’t surprised that the last operation hasn’t helped my bowel problems, I am getting more and more bloated everytime I eat now, therefore I am sometimes in pain or discomfort:(  The operation needed done, and they found a kink in my bowel too…that needed untangled too, so the op/surgery wasn’t a waste of time.   The Surgeon was nice, he reminded me that there was only a 50/50 chance of the Rectocele surgery helping me . … it was worth the try.  

I have been trying to take my worry of MYmedical problems off myself & not think about my day to day battle with eating and going the loo , as Colin is far more important to look after these last five months.  My Surgeon  is going to try one more thing to help, I am on the short list for a cancellation before Christmas, I have been waiting for this appointment for 2 and a 1/2 months already, he will remind them to take me next 🙂  Fingers crossed this may help as I was told yesterday more surgery will have to follow if it doesn’t.  I have had three lots of bowel surgery in the last four years, and are bloody sick of it all… blah blah blah….

I guess it is ok for us all to have ‘ho hum, feel sorry for myself ‘ days.   And a few tears helps too.  Tomorrow will be a better day 🙂   I have been looking up funny photos to lift my spirits.   

Nigh night

Doris always outdid her sisters with her slutty cardigan and provocative posing

Dis IS Mah Happee Face

Dis IS Mah Happee Face

Does this shirt make me look fat?

Does this shirt make me look fat?

Our kune kune piggie = Teddy

Our kune kune piggie = Teddy

A woman's work is never done :)

A woman’s work is never done 🙂

Laugh until you just makes it funnier!

Laugh until you leak…it just makes it funnier!


Just kidding

Just kidding








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