Yes, it is pretty obvious what this post will be about.   I had to do the title in my favourite colour, of course – green.

We have just finished having a late tea –  a Gluten Free pizza  that Colin made in our pizza oven.  Well, actually I made the pizzas, but he did a superb job of cooking them.   We also had a baked potato each.

Us three are not going out or doing anything special tonight to see the new year in.  We are happy enough just to watch a DVD, eat chocolate, pig out on  chips & dip and I’ll do my knitting at the same time.   This year coming WILL be a good year for us, it has to be 🙂  

Tomorrow we are off early in the morning to the Horse Racing with our VW car club.   It is on at Waikiouaiti , it is a 40 mins drive from Dunedin.  We will all meet there and take a picnic lunch, some will enjoy a few drinks, I’ll take my flask of coffee.  We have the odd bet on the horses, but it is more about the company and a day out.

 I even made an effort this afternoon and had a go at making Gluten Free Shortbread biscuits to take, the flour actually held together and they taste nice.   At least I won’t miss out on a treat, I also made a big bowl of Ambrosia pudding too for all of us to enjoy, extremely fattening though.  😦    We just hope the forecast is wrong and it doesn’t rain, otherwise it will be cancelled.

Anyway I’m just wanting  to send my friends, family and fellow bloggers a message.  For those of you, like us who have had a terrible year or bad luck or ill health I hope we all get a break  that we deserve.  2014 will be better, I hope that we  get to enjoy the good things in life once again 🙂

However you may welcome it,

Whatever you may do,

Here’s hoping that the new year will be wonderful for you. 

Best wishes to you all, and keep blogging 🙂

Donna xox

Photo taken 2 years ago

Photo taken 2 years ago



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