Yay, hopefully if  Colin is feeling ok, then we are off on a road trip  early tomorrow morning to the small township of Tarras, it is about 3 1/2 hours drive from Dunedin.   We plan on staying the night somewhere otherwise it is too big a drive for us to come back in one day.

We may stay in Cromwell or Alexandra.  We are hoping to get away from this wet Dunedin weather.  I have just finished mowing the lawns and getting the washing in, just in time before it starts raining again!  It is a disappointing summer so far.   I am taking my sunglasses and shorts with us to attract the sun. 🙂   Dunedin is suppose to have rain for quite a few more days yet 😦

The last time we went to Tarras was 3 years ago, it was a few days before my 1st bowel operation.    It is a quaint wee village with lots of crafty shops and cool designer ones too….. and good cafes /coffee, even a museum where ‘Shrek’ the sheep is on display.   I can’t wait to get to ‘Mrs Robinsons ‘Design and Vintage Shop.  If you are ever going thru this way you have to call in at her shop.  I have already contacted her ahead of time to see if she is open.

The scenery up this way is superb, a very beautiful part of New Zealand.    There is lots of see and places to go.   I know it is not a big road trip, but Colin can’t go too far from the Hospital … just incase. And it will be a well appreciated couple of days away for a break.  🙂

I will finish this quick hello with a few things and images I like. 

Ta Ta for now…. Donna  🙂





I want one

I want one

I could try and make one of these :)

I could try and make one of these 🙂



A real gnarly tree

A real gnarly tree

Recycling at it's best

Recycling at it’s best




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