We had a super road trip and night away in the weekend.   I wish we were there again as it has started raining heavily in Dunedin again.

Here are a couple of photos to share/show you, the first one is of the rain water still sitting on our outdoor chairs from Sunday, now there are puddles galore today from morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre rain.  


At least we got some lovely sunny weather away in Central Otago, although some parts were a tad windy.  It annoyed the locals, but not us :), I wore my baggy gypsy type pants and jandals.  The pants make me look bigger but they are super comfy and were a steal at only $4 bucks second hand. They are Yaks and Yetties brand, so probably worth $80 new.


Across the road from our Cromwell Hotel

Across the road from our Cromwell Hotel

We went to a vineyard, just out of Cromwell, called ‘The Northburn Station” winery.   It was beautiful, what a superb setting, with millions of vines, a pond with ducks and a row boat, what a lovely place to have a wedding or party there.  We could have sat all day but had to get back on the road.  



We clocked up over 600 kms, we are still recovering  from the big excursion.  It was super to get away from home, I will share some more photos and info with you another day.  Finishing off with a photo of Colin and I, we were being silly trying to take a photo together by ourselves, laughing.  Colin was staying… ‘hurry up and take the bloody photo’! as people were staring at us.  I couldn’t care a less, but he was embarrassed a little after I took about 5 of them.

We both were tired so you will have to excuse the wrinkles, the sun was bright, so we were squinting and frowning …..actually some of the wrinkles is just from old age too 🙂   Colin was feeling quite well that day 🙂


Northburn Station Winery

Northburn Station Winery

Posers :)

Posers 🙂



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