Thank goodness I have survived my first day back at work today….yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn!  The first day is always the hardest.   I know it doesn’t seem like a ‘big deal’ as everyone has to go back to work after their Christmas Holidays, but I have started back this week doing my normal hours of work (30 hours, Mon to Fri).   I had to revert to only working two days a week (12 hours) after Colin was diagnosed and with also trying to regain my strength after my own bowel operation. Therefore I am going to find it hard and aren’t use to it.

So now I am the main and only bread winner of the house – 30 hours pay still won’t cover everything and all the bills, but it will be about $80  more than doing part sickness benefit and part working.   I have been working 12 hours really for nothing just to hold my job open.

Things will improve more when we get a good result from Colin’s biopsy, after he regains his strength and gets back to working again too 🙂   In the meantime, I will just try to get to work each day and back into it without falling asleep at my desk.  It is going to be a long week.   

I hope the sun comes back, it is cold again today, I have just got home from a 2 hour meeting, it was boring. 

We have been living off the smell of an oil rag for the last 5 months, the Government are giving us peanuts to live on, it has been frustrating and disappointing.  We have used up what savings we did have  on bills etc and basically have been  living on nothing. It is not fear when genuine cases don’t get looked after and you have worked and paid taxes all your life. We have worked hard for what we have , to watch our emergency savings and a wee bit of money dwindle to zero is painful.  It is a shame that the system often looks after people that rip them off and just are too lazy to work or are dishonest.   They seem to miss the honest people that just want a little bit of help for a small time.  Maybe I am just feeling a bit bitter and twisted ;P …. no, not really, just disappointed.  We are asset rich, cash poor I guess but we will catch up again ,the main thing is to get our health back, and also  then I will get to buy lots of chocolate again :), can’t wait!

I will try and get to bed early ish.   yawwwwwwwwwwwwn again 🙂

Another piece of glass that Colin and I admired at a Wanaka Gallery on our travels

Another piece of glass that Colin and I admired at a Wanaka Gallery on our travels


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