Having a great time in Australia with my Sister Brenda, it is so hot, it is 31 degrees already = more freckles for me 🙂

The LIVE concert on Wednesday night was the best thing so far.  Ed sung for two hours solid, he entertains the crowd so well.   Brenda loved him too, we were right up the front near the stage.

I want to go again.

It is Valentine’s Day today, I am missing Colin and our Daughter.  This is the first year I haven’t got a card and small pressie for Colin.   Colin tells me he is doing ok and still coping with a few hours of casual work each day.

I have a chocka suitcase, we have done a tad bit of shopping 🙂

I need to try and do a bit of a walk today at some stage when the sun is away.  I am still suffering from the bloody toothache in the tooth that had the abscess, I hope it settles, I have had to pop pain killers every day.  Am coping ok though.

Two days to go, then home.

Ta Ta from Ozzie.



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