It is peeing down with rain now, we have had four seasons in a day today, earlier this evening we had heavy hail.  This morning it was lovely.  It was so calm and sunny.   After have my treat of toast for breakfast on a Sunday (I don’t normally have breakfast due to my bowel problems) I decided to go on a walk.  I asked our Daughter to drop me off at her Sunday morning cleaning job in South Dunedin.  I thought the walk, mostly up steep hills would take me around 40 mins.  I extended my walk to include St Clair beach.  I stuck my head in to the ‘Salt Cafe and Restaurant’ to see if my gorgeous Niece was working.   And she was, so I chatted for a bit and flogged a cool drink of water off her.  🙂

Our lovely Niece, Gina.   She is such a good kid. She is a Manager at Salt.

Our lovely Niece, Gina. She is such a good kid. She is a Manager at Salt.

An hour and a half later, after yapping to two neighbours on the way I arrived home, knackered. We decided at the last minute (with only 30 mins left) to check the newspaper out to see when a movie ‘The Railway Man’ that we had been wanting to see was on.   I got ready quick as a flash, and away we went into town for a treat, it is a shame the movies are so expensive.   There was only one sitting at noon today, that told us it is due to finish screening soon.

I got my large coffee and we trotted in, missing 2 or so mins.  It was a great movie, a true story.  I was almost in tears at the end.  It went for over two hours.  Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman were the main actors, they were brilliant.  At the end of the movie, they said there is a book also… it could be a good read, although we know the ending.  I may get it out from the Library, I like true stories.  I won’t  tell you the story line as I don’t want to spoil it for you, but if you want to see a good movie, go along ,or get it out when it comes out on DVD.

An enjoyable movie

An enjoyable movie




When we left the movies, the weather had started to turn, it was drizzling and dark.  Colin and I had a quick look at the Art Gallery Shop near the Octagon, they have very styley gifts and funny cards there.  I hardly ever buy anything, but love looking.

I saw a great magnet with a quote on it.  I couldn’t buy it as our fridge is stainless steel = no good for a magnet.

This is it:



I did  a bit of sewing when we arrived home, then finished a book box for our Daughter, I am just waiting for it to dry, I will give it to her as a surprise tomorrow.

Turbo, Andrew, our nephews cat has fitted in more here at our house now.  He is staying with us for awhile.  Andrew and Gina love him.   Our two cats don’t really get on with him, but he has our Daughter wrapped around her little finger.  She thinks he is the bees knees.

Turbo is a bit hypo and a bit of a ‘beast’ .. a likeable one though.  

This is NOT a photo of 'Turbo' !

This is NOT a photo of ‘Turbo’ !

Tomorrow is work again!….   another day….another dollar.

I almost forgot to tell you, Brenda found my missing camera with all my holiday photos on it ….phew…what a relief.  She is going to post it over to me from Brisbane 🙂

Another busy weekend, I had a nice chat and catch up with Pam and Barb yesterday 😉

Nigh night, sleep well.


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