This morning I offered my services of help as a Marshall for the 10km ‘Stadium to Surf’  fun run and walk.   Dunedin holds this event annually.   The $20 entry fee goes towards children’s athletics at Athletics Otago.

The morning was threatening rain, it held off luckily for plenty of walkers and runners.   I was on a busy intersection about 4kms before the finish line.   I had to keep my wits about me and concentrate as there was plenty of traffic.   I also tried to encourage a lot of the competitors going past me.  I was chuffed with all the feedback and thank you comments from the public for volunteering.   As a walker myself, I always try to thank the volunteers along the way, therefore it was a good feeling receiving the thank yous from others.

I have always wanted to do this walk, but they were short of volunteers so I decided a couple of weeks back to put my name forward.  Next year I will do it.   It was so damn cold and windy standing in one spot, silly me forgot a hat.   I am happy I helped. I am sure the competitors, especially the first-timers will be pleased too.  I wanted to take my new camera with me to try, but it wasn’t really the right thing to do this time.

I had an early wake up call and yesterday, so I am feeling a little jaded..I think bed should be early tonight.   The weekend has gone way too fast 😦

Time flys

Time flys

Tomorrow I have two medical students coming to interview and do a study on me from the University.   They are interested and learning about  Coeliac Disease and will ask lots of questions for an hour or so after  I finish work.  They thought I may be an extra interesting case due to my bowel operations and on-going problems.  These are not related to the Coeliac Disease at all but will be a learning experience too.  

I wonder what they will ask me, they are new students and have to learn these things, so it is a good cause.  My eldery friend  who is in the Coeliac Society does this as well. There may be possible tests coming up at the University too.   If it helps get the message and understanding out there that Coeliac Disease is an Auto immune disease and not just an allergy or intolerance or fad of avoiding Gluten, then it is worthwhile.

I will finish this post with a photo I like of some BIG PANTS, super duper….I want some. 🙂

big pants


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