I am just filling in 20 or so minutes until Colin gets home and then we are on our way for a two day road trip.  😉

We need a break, yay.

I am sharing this with you as I love this Kombi picture.

Our Kombi is an earlier 1957 split window one, can’t wait until that is on the road too.  The motor is done, just the rest of the body work needs a bit of attention. They are getting harder and harder to get, especially the old split screen ones.  I made Colin stalk a guy to get our one we own.  He followed him to work one day, then asked if he would sell it to us.  The chap had come to live in NZ from the UK, he had a few kombis over there, so he said an out right no, thanks.  He was partly through doing the interior to make it a camper for his wife and kids.   He loved them too and was a Dub Nut.

This is our Beetle Colin made into a convertible, I can't find  a photo of our  Kombi  at the mo

This is our Beetle Colin made into a convertible, I can’t find a photo of our Kombi at the mo

We couldn’t believe our luck a matter of a month later, he  saw Colin and approached him, worked at the local service station/garage. His wife was suddenly pregnant again, to their surprise… he now wanted and needed to sell it to us as he needed the money for the new baby.

At least he knows it went to a good home, we have owned it for around 10 years now.  I would NEVER sell it, we took it off the road after we drove it to the VW Nationals in Christchurch one year.  I wish we had the cash just to pay someone to panel beat it and have it back going.  I love the huge steering wheels in them, like a bus or tractor one. HUUUUUUUUUGE!

I think we should name the old VW?   Maybe .. .. that’s a thought.  We will think of a good name for him or her over the next few days.

Old vehicles should have a name….



I hope they find the Malaysian plane soon :(, it is so sad.

Bye, have a nice weekend.


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