I really wanted to attend Dunedin’s famous fashion show this year, but had to just enjoy the buzz of the fashion events going on this week in Dunedin, as it is quite expensive to attend the live shows. It was nice to see the people and visitors to Dunedin dressing up in their glad rags and being out and about during the week.

The iD Dunedin Fashion Show is hosted on the platform of the city’s Railway Station. The event is a glamorous night out celebrating the best of Dunedin, New Zealand and emerging international fashion. The unique venue means the catwalk is an astounding 110m long, making it one of the longest catwalks in the world. The iD Dunedin Fashion Show is a retail event for the general public and showcases established and emerging designer fashion mainly from Dunedin.

I love tartan

I love tartan

Lucky for me three years ago I DID go to this amazing event with Colin, he brought me tickets for my Birthday in March.  I remember wrapping up warm in a vintage woolen brown coat with a fur collar, under neath I wore a brown vintage floral dress from the 70’s…not that anyone saw it as the coat did not come off.  It was freezing.  I did feel quite styley 😛   It is good to see the Polytech students that are studying fashion and show their work. They are very talented.


We both enjoyed the atmosphere and were quite close to the platform.  I was quite sick at the time and had lost a lot of weight, so the coat was a ‘must have’.  Even Colin who is not into fashion really enjoyed the night…

The week is normally full on in Dunedin, a variety of events are held as well as the two shows.  It all finishes today.

Although I am not into having to own only  ‘Labelled’  clothes  or what is in fashion for the season, I do have my favourite designers.  They are NOM d and Company of Strangers, both Dunedin Designers.

NOM d - winter 2014

NOM d – winter 2014

I can’t be bothered with people that are pretentious and have to show everyone that they are wearing or have the ‘right’ stuff and that they have $$$.   If I like something, whether it is a skirt made out of a curtain or tablecloth or whether it is a second hand item or something a bit different, then I WILL wear it either way.  I don’t care what others think, as long as I like it and are comfy.

I like things unusual/different or a bit whacky, of course I am interested a lot in fashion and sewing my own clothes.    I do the same with items in my house, they don’t have to cost a fortune to be my favourite items.  I love modern as much as I love vintage, recycled interior items and decor.


NOM d again – I love the colour Mustard

I admire people that have the guts to be themselves and wear unique items.

I love the designers that do have a ‘different’ style like NOM d, but would never pay $600 for one piece of clothing…unless it was a wedding dress 🙂

I will go again to this show = one day when funds allow.

Here he is again - Deefa

Here he is again – Deefa

Late this afternoon I took the boy – Deefa to the Dog Park down the road in Green Island.   Being the pretty-ish dog there, with the typical Border Collie face, he received lots of attention…. more from the Humans.

He hasn’t been for ages as he has 5 acres of paddocks to run around here at home, but it was a different atmosphere.  Being amongst the other dogs was good for him, I must make time and take him again.  He just about peed on every tree in the park 😛

It is bloody dark tonight, due to day light savings last night.  At least by turning our clocks back, we received an extra hours sleep,..always a bonus. 🙂

I have just had some yummy white bait fritters and salad for tea, yum, I am the only white bait lover in the house, they had steak.



Work tomorrow, I have to attend a ‘ Customer Services’ course from 9 to 4pm, it will be held at work, I have to stay two hours extra :(….   I will think of the money.   I am thinking it may be a little boring.




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