I’m not long home from a 9 km walk with my Tuesday night walking friends.

I went to my Art class prior to that, and finished making a cushion out of vintage blankets.  I have just taken  a photo of it  to show you.   It is made with a woollen vintage grey  blanket, a cream one and some new purchased red felt for the cross.  I added a label off the grey blanket to the corner of the cushion, then added some old buttons, just for looks.

I haven’t had the time to attend  my Art class the last two weeks, I have had to give it a miss, therefore I enjoyed the 2 hours after work today.  I wish I could go for a longer time.  

I am pleased with the way the cushion turned out, it is a nice chunky one,  it will be super to support your back.

I have just put a load of washing on…it always seems like I am doing washing :(…. it is never ending.  Then time now to check my emails.  It is cold in our office, another ! cold Dunedin day.  Lots of drizzle again. 

Colin is in the garage getting the motor and beetle ready for our road trip up to the VW Nationals in Timaru at Easter time.    I snapped a pic when he wasn’t looking hee hee.

I have just been sent some nice photos to my Inbox.  The best one  I like is the following 🙂

blogdinsdag181 005

Someone is a talented photographer.

Up close - vintage buttons

Up close – vintage buttons

My new up cycled vintage blanket cushion

My new up cycled vintage blanket cushion

The arse end of our Beetle :)

The arse end of our Beetle 🙂


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