Damn, last night my car broke down!   We need them to get about, but they always cost at some stage in repairs, especially when you own an older BMW like mine. I can’t wait until my VW Karmann Ghia is restored 🙂

I knew the radiator was getting a little overheated for the last couple of weeks, I have kept the water topped up and hoped the slow leak may correct itself. 

No such luck, it emptied itself on the short trip home last night after my walk with my friends.  It was hissing like two cats fighting….  steam everywhere….buggar.

At the moment we are sharing Colin’s Nissan, I have to take him to work again tomorrow at 645am ! … we heard from the garage today, the radiator is shagged, $500 to buy another… it has to be done.

Colin hasn’t got the time to do the job himself as he is getting the Beetle ready to go away in at Easter and he is tired from busy and long days at work.  Therefore we have no choice,…pay the garage and get it done.   It should be ready in a few days. …. I just heard Colin swear from the garage, maybe he hit his thumb with the hammer 😛

Turbo, my nephew’s cat we are baby cat-sitting for, has just jumped on top of my office desk!  He is a cheeky wee buggar. He is a poser for my camera 🙂

I will share some nice pictures with you I stole off Google, they cheer me up when I see old school items, like the crochet blankets, vintage fabric etc.

I have also added a nice photo of Kate, William and cute George arriving in New Zealand early this week for their Royal Tour.  I am not a huge follower of the Royals, but I do admire them, they have a hard job, it much be hard being constantly on watch from the media and public. This family seem to take it in their stride and look so natural.  Kate looks beautiful in Red, I love the silver fern brooch she is wearing, William is just like his beautiful Mum, and Prince George…. = cute 🙂

Hi to  my Sis Buggalugs in Brisbane 🙂 Luv you xx

blog maandag 31 033


blog maandag 31 017

Turbo, the cheeky brat

Turbo, the cheeky brat


blog maandag 31 016

blogvrijdag 232 003

I love this natural photo, have a look at baby George's face and 'Elvis' lip :)

I love this natural photo, have a look at baby George’s face and ‘Elvis’ lip 🙂

I like this quote too

I like this quote too



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