I did a nice thing early this morning, I made Colin breakfast in bed, just for the hell of it.  His favourite food he likes is Lambs fry and Bacon….eeeww yuck.   I even hate the smell of it cooking!  Therefore he doesn’t have it very often.

Anyway for 3 weeks now, I have been trying to buy him some, trying all the Butchers and Supermarkets in town, they had either  sold out or only have it  for sale on certain days.

Yesterday after  going to the Farmers Market to get my apple supply and tofu for the week  I found some.  🙂

I hid it in the beer fridge overnight so he wouldn’t see it, then  I got up extra early and cooked it up for him, with mushrooms, onions and tomatoes.  I had no parsley, so threw some chives on the plate for a bit of colour.

I put it on a wooden tray along with a coffee and his chemo pills on the side… 😛  He found that amusing.

He was so surprised and thought it was delicious.    That makes me happy 🙂

I must admit I didn’t like cutting it up or touching it, didn’t really know how to cook it either.  I tried not to breathe when it was cooking.   I do know it would be full of goodness and iron for him.

Now I have lit an incense to get rid of the smell. 😛

A good start to Colin’s day.

The tray is ready :)

The tray is ready 🙂





Ready to eat! - an acquired taste

Ready to eat! – an acquired taste


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