I am not going to Dawn Service this year, I will go to Green Island, a local suburb instead to be part of the Memorial Service.   It makes you feel so proud of the New Zealanders and Australians that fought or died during the war.  

I will then go and visit my Mum and Dad at the Cemetery, and then go for a long walk.  It is forecast for rain, but it will be ok as I now have a really good coat that is warm and will stay dry.   I want to do a hard walk, around 15 kms if I can.  I may get Colin to pick me up afterwards in the car, then we can go for a coffee together.

Colin was in bed at 9pm tonight, he is really tired lately, due to one of the side effects of his chemo pills.  He couldn’t stay awake after tea, he gave in and went along to bed when I told him to.  He has lost 4 kgs over the last two weeks, but on the whole is doing really well.    🙂

Hi to Beata  & Jacek on holiday in their home country of Poland.  I bet you are enjoying seeing your family and Kiera 🙂






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