A quote I like:

‘Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind’.

Colin and I had a busy and achievable day today.  I did a little bit of sewing this morning making some 3/4 track pants I have had for ages into shorts = I gave them the chop!    🙂  I hate 3/4 trousers and 3/4 sleeved tops annoy me too. I know I will wear these shorts heaps now.  

Colin spent the morning chain sawing a big pile of timber we brought a year ago and had dumped in one of our paddocks. We hadn’t had a chance to even look at it as he spent 5 months in Hospital.   Our Nephew is going to help do some of it, but today we made a start and a good dent in it.  I think we will need it for our fire this winter.  We do have a heat pump too, but nothing beats an open fire and the cosyness of a real fire.  🙂

Just after lunch I put my gloves and gummies on and hopped the fence after hanging lots of washing.  It dried well as it was a little breezy today.

Before after the chain sawing

Before  we started splitting, after the chain sawing

After a few bruises, scrapes and blood we got through a great amount of rings.  Lucky for us my Father Ted made a hydraulic Log Splitter year ago, he made two of them, my Sister getting the other one.  We would never be without it.


It is still heavy work, but makes it so so much easier.  I tried to lift most of the huge/ heavy rings so Colin didn’t overdo things.  He was operating the splitter, he kept telling me off for lifting them, but I just told him to shut up.  🙂 He kept scaring me with the big Hu Hu grubs that he found in some of the wood.  I am horrified of them and the Hu Hu Beetles.   I dreamt or had  a nightmare about them when I was a kid.  😦  Colin kept feeding them to our chickens in their nearby coop, they loved them, eewww yuck!

A big pile chopped with my washing blowing in the background

A big pile chopped with my washing blowing in the background

Some of the wood was water logged with all the rain we have had, it will dry out now, a job well done, we have a big pile plus filled up our wood bins.  I reckon we are at least half of the way through.  

Good to have a working day and achieving a lot or things you keep putting off.  We are both feeling happy. We will be busy next weekend, I have Harriers on the Saturday then on Mothers Day I am volunteering at The Hospice, I did last year too.



I will leave you with another favourite New Zealand Band –

THE MUTTONBIRDS, the song is called ‘Dominion Road’, 1992.




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