Oh drat, two days in a row with a sore, extended tummy and a sore back, I tried to sit still as much as possible today at work as when I have bowel/tummy problems it is even sore to walk.   I am waiting for an appointment to see my Surgeon at the Hospital,  I know what he will suggest, another operation  😦  it will be one that I don’t want!  

I will wait and see what he can do to allow me to eat and function much better.  🙂   I like the verse or quote below that I found a long time ago on a blog, I can relate to it so much.  Anyone would that has watched their parents die of something like cancer or have been unwell for a long time, or just things that just don’t always seem to go well for a stretch of time, we have to think positive and keep on going. 

My friend over the other side of the world (you know who you are) was feeling down yesterday, therefore she can probably relate to the verse too.   We have to think of the good things in life, help others, be an honest and kind person and basically make the most of every day…if we can.   If we have a bad day or week, we have to think that the next day or so will be better.   I sound like a preacher. 🙂

Life has knocked me down a few times.

It has shown me things I never wanted to see.

I have experienced sadness and failures.

But one thing for sure….

I ALWAYS get up! “

My tattoo on my arm means a lot to me too, I got it done straight after my large bowel was taken out.   The text says ‘fall seven times, stand up eight’….and I always try to.

Music is a great thing and pastime, I find music always perks you up when feeling a little down.  Here is another NZ Artist that I like a lot and often listen to. 


Shona Laing is a brilliant Artist with many hits.   Shona is to be inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame as the Legacy Award recipient at the 2013 New Zealand Music Awards in November 2013.  She is still singing today. 




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