Tomorrow afternoon I am competing in a 5 km walking race.   This event is held once a year with my Harriers Club, it is held at  the Forbury Horse Racing track ha ha

I am not the best on the shorter distances as I am not fast on the take off, sometimes I get shin splints.  Ouch. It takes me awhile to warm up.   I prefer to do the longer 10 and 21 km races. I also get a big handicap and often have to wait 10 or 11 minutes after the first walkers start, they have normally walked 3/4 of the way around the race track before I can go.  I hate waiting and are itching to go.   I will still give it my best…. for me 🙂

 I just hope it isn’t too windy, the rain is ok, but the wind is hard to walk in. And I also hope there are no horses around as I am shit scared of them…although they could make me walk faster…away from them!

My club is mainly social, but we do have a few races a year for the walkers and runners.   Only around half of us walkers do the races, most chose not to.    It is normally very hard, but fun, I always say- with my big snout, I should win in front of the next competitor by a nose.  🙂    I always feel like a horse going around the track.  

Straight after the race I will be zooming up to our club rooms in my car to get the cups of tea and coffee ready as it is my turn to be on the afternoon tea/kitchen duties.  My Harrier Club is just around the corner from where I live. 

I spotted this lovely photo this week, taken by a Dunedin Photographer.  It is of Tunnel Beach, this spot is visited by many New Zealanders and Tourists every day.  It is at the end of my street, then down a 15 minute walk through a farmers paddock.  A wonderful place to visit. 

Tunnel Beach near where I live

Tunnel Beach near where I live

Then Sunday it is Mothers Day, I will enjoy volunteering at the Hospice.  An early Happy Mothers Day to all you Mums out there.  I don’t need expensive pressies, I’m just hoping for a cake of chocolate, fingers and toes crossed.

A special Hi to Jen, my talented friend  up there in Waiheke Island.  I  have just read your blog and hope you sell lots of your beanies at your night event at The Barbers = Preto. … now there’s a plug for you 🙂

I am sure you will sell lots of them, Colin loves the beanie you made for him, or should I say I won in your competition for him a long time ago, it is still going strong.  🙂 

Jen at the start of knitting the beanie I won for Colin

Jen at the start of knitting the beanie I won for Colin

Finishing and signing off with a song I like from New Zealand’s =

SHARON O’NEILL – Maxine – 1983



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