STORMY WEATHER   bbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrr

Oh dear, the storm has hit Dunedin, late yesterday afternoon.  It is still raining now and we have extreme wind.

It is freezing and snow forecast tonight.

The young lass has the Gastro/tummy flu and has been vomiting all last night. She is still unwell today and can’t keep food down.  She would have caught the virus off one of her clients she cares for.  A few have had it.  There are wards at Dunedin Hospital in isolation with it, there are two different types..also Ross Home has shutdown all weekend from it.

The poor girl looks terrible.

We had a very quiet Birthday for her, no one remembered her Birthday :(, even her two good friends, they all forgot. Colin and I felt extremely sad for her.   She liked our presents we gave and like the handmade box I made her , like an old fashioned Hanky Box.  It has her favourite member – Jae Joong of a Korean K Pop band all over it.  She was impressed, it cheered her up a little bit. 🙂

Inside the box

Inside the box

Photos of Jae Joong on the outside

Photos of Jae Joong on the outside


 She also liked my lolly jar I revamped for her with pink paint.

Before the paint, I glued a cute girl on the lid.

Before the paint, I glued a cute girl on the lid.

I will show you the after photo, when I get to take the picture, it is too dark at the moment.

I hope she gets well soon, and we don’t get it. 

The G Free cupcakes we made for her, they looks a bit funny, but tasted ok.

The G Free cupcakes we made for her, they looks a bit funny, but tasted ok.

We have to go out very soon, it is still raining, and I can’t get warm today 😦  We are going out for tea.   My cousin that I don’t really know and his wife and girls and my other cousin and my Aunty and Uncle are all going.  I hope the restaurant will have a couple of Gluten Free options, and not salad, too cold for that.

It will be great to see them all, but I do wish I could sit my the fire as well.

Snow is predicted tonight.  I wonder if we will get to work tomorrow?  I have a Coeliac Meeting to go to tomorrow night as well…it may have to be cancelled.

This morning, before it started raining constantly again I water blasted our concrete paths, they are still not finished, but I achieved a fair bit.  They were becoming slippery and were really dirty.  I have never used the water blaster before.  I did it for two hours and got wet and cold again! 

Yesterday my Harriers group got caught in a big storm, we started off on our 2 hour walk in sun.  We were drenched, the sky changed, the wind got up and the clouds opened, bloody hell, wind, hail and rain.  And we had 40 mins more to walk. 😦   It was a great walk though all things considering .   

Silly me though, ….I fell over just before the big down pour.  We were going down a steep hill, I slipped on the edge of the road, in the drain ditch on the side 😦  I knew my fall was coming, as I tried to correct myself.  I went flying forward down the hill onto the road.  I was embarrassed as they all hurried around me.   I can laugh now, but I ended up with mud all over me and cuts and grazes , the mud was really sewage.   No one had a first aid kit, my friend Tom had a towel in his back pack, I wrapped it around my thumb that was pissing out blood.   In all the years at the club, I have never fallen over, it was bound to happen at some stage.  My club friends are so caring for each other. I bet the Leader of the pack will  make sure they have the first aid kit next time.

We still had 40 mins to walk back to our cars 😦 I carried on being brave, I think the coldness helped numb everything.  We took a look at my knee, it was bleeding alot and bruised today. I also fell onto my hip.

Last night my thumb and knee throbbed, but is better today.  I am just a bit sore.  The worse part is my thumb hurts when I knit, so I might have to give it a rest for a bit.   At least I didn’t break anything.

Colin took a photo of it to show you when I arrived home.  Gee the shower was great.  


Time to get ready.  See ya


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