I have decided  to do this post….. a small one … in RED as I have just had some serious work done at the Dentist.

 I have been trying to keep myself busy for the last week knowing that it was coming and not thinking about it.  My mouth is swollen and full of blood, I look like a vampire 🙂  I won’t be at work tomorrow as have had teeth pulled out.

I’m sore already after 11 injections in the top of my mouth.  I was not suppose to drive home at 3 30 pm but am stubborn, I felt semi- ok so I slowly made my way there.  I did have an option of my Daughter picking me up if I needed her 🙂  I have a hottie on my tummy for comfort and will go and lie down and  feel sorry for myself… just a little bit. 🙂

The Dentist and his Assistant told me I was very brave, I dunno ?  they are terribly nice people and did look after me ,giving me positive feedback along the way.

I will talk later, one thing for sure is.. that I am glad it is mostly over.   🙂


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