It is an overcast but calm day here in Dunedin.  We have lots of visitors to our city over the weekend for the big All Blacks Rugby game held at the new Stadium tonight.  I hope they win.  

Town was humming, I didn’t hang around too long, I had my usual coffee then bumped into my Cousin, it happened to be her birthday today.  She was shouting her and her Daughter breakfast in McCafe to celebrate. It was nice to have a small chat.

A chap I get on well with at work became a Grandad six months ago.  His wee girl ‘Ruby’ is the apple of his eye.  His Wife (Nana) and him love her to bits.  They live out of town so they are always travelling at the weekends to visit them all.

I decided to use the knitting pattern that I knitted truck loads of beanies when our wee girl was younger.  You can change the look of this simple beanie by different colours of wool, stripes, pom poms, flowers etc.  It is a great and easy hat to put on the babies too.  It stretches to keep on fitting them up to a 2 year old. 

I felt like I should be knitting a Ruby Red coloured one for her although I am sure the pastel colours will be more suitable.  If I am up for going to work on Monday, I will surprise Bryan with the pressie I have done.  His Wife doesn’t knit, therefore he should be happy as he is worried about Ruby being cold over winter.

It was nice to knit a simple pattern for a change, I am on to another one already – I’m not sure who for yet.



A quote I find amusing

A quote I find amusing

completed beanie

completed beanie


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