I have to admit, I DO have a compulsive personality when it comes to collecting things.  I get on a roll and get so excited when I pick up another item to add to my stash.

Do you think the crystal bud vases are getting a little out of hand?  I don’t 🙂   I want to keep getting a buzz out of finding another one ,..maybe just until I cover the whole window sill in our sunny spare bedroom.  They look so pretty in the light with the sun shining through.


I also collect Crown Lynn vases, coloured art glass, bubble bud vases in every array of colour, crosses, hearts, depression glass, vintage purses. …and more.   You can never have enough of one thing 🙂

This morning I casually did a little bit of gardening, before the forecast rain comes.  I finished pruning some roses which were well overdue.  Then attacked the clematis, I gave it a ‘short back and sides’.  Actually I have almost given it a ‘Kojak’ , …I got a little carried away. 

Have a look at the photo of my broad beans that have poked their tender heads through the soil.   I have never grown them before and use to hate them as a kid, until my friend Tom gave me a few of his to try.  They are actually quite nice although Colin and the young lass didn’t like them.  It is quite exciting growing vegetables and fruit. 🙂

Beans and weeds

Beans and weeds

I have also just finished making some ice cream 🙂 yum, I don’t eat a lot of ice cream and the brought stuff often has gluten in it so I can’t have it anyway.  I do like it though and saw recently on  the cooking show ‘Come Dine with Me’ someone making some Coconut Ice Cream by hand = no ice cream maker/machine.  It was super easy, and I love coconut.   That is another thing I never eat – cream.   This icecream is simple, with cream whipped up, then fold in custard and coconut and a few tablespoons of condensed milk.  I guessed all of the quantities. : P

So I am hoping it may be set/frozen for supper tonight 🙂 



Into the freezer

Into the freezer

Today is a cruisy day as yesterday was so busy, in the afternoon I had a great walk with my Harriers club down the Peninsular then I went out last night with a lady that invited me that I had never met before.  I work with her Husband, John.   It was a ‘ladies night out’ or in…at her Church..  It was an enjoyable night.   The theme was overcoming hard things in your life and getting through them.  We even had a go at hitting a pinata and also learning a few boxing moves 😛




I even have 3 coloured bud vases now, they are harder to find though.

I even have 3 coloured bud vases now, they are harder to find though.


Being a ‘Ladies night out’ was very appropriate as my new acquaintance/friend’s name is  ‘Shelia’  🙂   A lovely lady, and of a similar age to myself. 

A photo below is on my latest BIG hanky box, it just needs the cotton ends sewn in.  I have made this one with old fashioned pictures ..I am happy with it so far, I like the orange crochet cotton. 

I will finish this post with a big HI and LOVE to my niece Gina and her fiance Johnny up north xxx



Inside the box

Inside the box

Two pretty tops blowing in the breeze on my clothes line.



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