I think this is a good quote.  

Another cold night is here with us in Dunedin, we have the warm, cosy wood fire roaring in the lounge.  It is chilly on my paws in our office though.

One of our cats, Colina likes sitting on my knee when I have a few moments at the computer.  I never complain as she keeps my legs warm.  

My car failed a warrant of fitness today, I picked it up after work, drat, they have to order the parts from out of town, another $320, it is hard to get back on your feet financially when you are lumbered with bills.  

Speaking of big bills, after paying the Dentist, my teeth and gums are improving/healing.  🙂  I can’t wait to get them relined in 3 months time though, as they are already moving about and falling down.—-not a pretty look.  If I sneeze I will make sure I have my mouth closed..just incase they coming flying out of my gob.   😛

One more day of busy work tomorrow, it is Friday, (Paraire – in the Maori Language)

Everyone loves Fridays  

A special hello to Gina, Brenda, Beata and Jen   xxx




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