Today was a mixture of good and bad and pretty 

The Good:

Today at work Bob, my work colleague and I were surprised by a parcel that arrived at work with our name on it.   From one of the people we deal with in our job.   He got a bit shitty with me on the phone on Thursday.

He must have felt guilty as today a box of fudge and chocolates arrived with a note on it.  It was such a surprise to receive this.  It is the first time in six years that we have ever been praised and thanked for a good job we do.  And we do a very busy, hard job in the winter time and take lots of grief off Customers.  

Bob said I can keep it all, as he wouldn’t eat it..I will give the chocolates to the family & the fudge can be all is Gluten Free 🙂  We will save it for next weekend.  🙂 Yum


I walked to work again today as my car was getting the work done on it at the garage to ensure it passes a warrant. 

As soon as I made it home, I grabbed Deefa, our Border Collie and took him about 6 kms down to collect the car.  He actually took me for a walk, pulling all the way. He loved it. Then I put him in the boot and we made our way home.  I think I have done a little too much walking for one day, I feel slightly weary.

The Bad:

My Harriers Club Rooms are just around the corner from home, I had to report to our President yesterday that Colin and I noticed it was tagged with yellow paint as we were driving into town.  This is not the first time.  What a bloody mess, all over the windows.   We are wanting to upgrade our clubrooms and do some building additions, but as the President said to me, it makes you wonder if it is worth spending money on an upgrade if the locals in the suburb treat it like this…and he has a point..  such a shame…I suppose tagging goes on everywhere around the world.  


I stopped for a photo shoot of Deefa outside the Club, you can see it in the background mostly cleaned off.  They made a good job to get rid of the paint over the windows.   We had to put bars on the windows last year as it kept getting broken in to and stuff stolen.  Such a shame as it is quite a plain building too, it looks worse with the bars on it. 

The Ugly Pretty:

Well the pretty has to be Deefa.  He is looking at his tongue, thinking to himself  ‘I wonder how long it is’… you wonder why Dog’s lick their bums….cos they can.  *giggle*   🙂

"I bet you can't beat this lonnnnnnng tongue!"

“I bet you can’t beat this lonnnnnnng tongue!”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl
    Jul 29, 2014 @ 08:20:37

    What a cutie dog!


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