Another busy day at work today, I was very pleased to get home.  Snow is predicted for tonight, although it is pretty, I hope they are wrong, as it is such a hassle to get to work. 

It has been a super lonnnnnnnnnnnng day and it is not even 5pm yet.  I got up half an hour earlier this morning, I normally get up at 545am for work.  I did a special surprise for my work colleagues this morning.

I made them some Chocolate and Banana Muffins, 24 of them!.    Oh they smelt so nice, I couldn’t even try one as they were normal ones, not Gluten Free.

Although I work in the office, I gave them to the workers out in the Factory.  They work  in the cold with beanies on their wee noggins.  In my job I often have to go into the factory, the staff out there are hard workers and are always helpful to me if I need to ask a question.  

It made my day seeing their wee faces light up when I gave them the basket full, they were very surprised, but happy…and they tell me they tasted nice.   Poor Colin, he didn’t even get one of them for his morning tea.  

Sharing with you a song I particularly like, sung by our very own :

ANIKA MOA – Dreams in my Head

Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwn, I’m tired.

Morning Tea for the guys at work

Morning Tea for the guys at work






I love this art on the wall.



I wish I was a kid again so I could have a teepee, we had to make do with sheets and blankets pegged to some chairs. My Sister and I had such fun playing in those huts. And our Daughter did the same when she was a young lass.


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