Colin and I spend a few hours this morning chopped up some of the big pile of firewood that he chainsawed up yesterday while I was out walking with my Harriers Club.

Lucky for us we own a hydraulic log splitter, it sure helps…although we did have a little trouble with it conking out.   It needed a new spark plug.


On the way to town early yesterday morning. This is on the road just around the corner from our house, where Colin hit the horse standing in the middle of the road. It killed the horse and nearly killed him. I hate driving past here now.


Heading down the hill overlooking the Harbour, it was a beautiful sky. The photo is taken through my car front window.

The day was only around 13 degrees, but it was calm and some parts were sunny too. Much better weather than the snow on Friday.

Deefa, our dog got a bit bored, he made  himself quite comfy lying in the sun in the paddock while we slaved away.  We have never seen him asleep like this before, he didn’t even wake up when I snuck inside to get the camera.  He is so fluffy underneath his tummy, he had wood/saw dust all over him.  He looked so peaceful and cute, it’s a dog’s life alright!




There is not many times that we have actually had proof that he is a boy…ha ha, but I did see the ugly dangly bits when I took the shot.  


What is that? It is ‘fluffy bum’

We still have a bit more chopping to do, hopefully we may finish it next weekend.  Andy our Nephew did offer ages ago to help, but I think Colin likes plodding through the hard yakka and it makes him feel useful…he does look tired now though.  We are both now walking like oldies with sore backs 😛  

 We went into town late this afternoon and shouted ourselves a coffee, no cake though, just a drink..

I also had a coffee yesterday morning 🙂 in a very styley cafe along the end of the main street of Dunedin. It is located directly across from Knox Church.  It was nice sitting in a funky building, full of bricks, rimu and character.   The coffee was pretty good too, just not big enough.  I hate those dainty, ponsy cups that you can’t even fit her finger in the hole of the handle.  

Nice venue, good coffee and a fab magazine to read = bliss

Nice venue, good coffee and a fab magazine to read = bliss

Knox Church

Knox Church


We have just had a tasty tea – Colin had steak, I had tuna, with the added addition of baked potatoes that we threw  in our wood fire, yum I love that burnt taste.   Lucky we have plenty of firewood now. The young lass will have her tea when she arrives home from work at 930 pm, she has to do another split shift today. 

Here’s hoping you all have a good week ahead of you.  


Finishing this post with a photo I found amusing.

Finishing this post with a photo I found amusing.





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  1. natalyaam
    Aug 12, 2014 @ 23:06:37

    Ha, my dog does that all the time too. Except when he’s not sleeping and I want him to play dead, he just looks at me like he always thought it was a mistake for being so cute in the puppy litter for me to choose him. It’s a harsh world.


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