I have had a good weekend, busy busy.  😉

My goal was to plant my seed potatoes – variety is Rua, all done & dusted.

My old walking shoes are washed after yesterdays 2  and a 1/4 hour bush walk in Sawyers Bay with friends, man it was hard, but an excellent walk with wonderful views at the top.  It is called Graham’s Bush walk.

I have our doggie (Deefa’s old one) blanket washed and drying on the clothes line too, as this week we are baby sitting for our friends.  Their two dogs are coming to stay with us for 5 days, while they have a well deserved trip/holiday to Australia.   Only one problem, I don’t think they like cats,  and we have 3 of them 😦

Can’t wait to take Cass and Zak for some walks 🙂

The last photo is a funny one, Colin and I took it while we were in Cromwell at Labour Weekend.  We will driving up to one of the Vineyards.    These Bulls were beasts, massive.   I got a good shot of the other one poking its big noggin around the corner of the tree.  
Colin took off in the car, pretending to leave me standing there with my camera in hand.  I was scared … for a brief minute. 🙂

Potato planting

Potato planting

Chive flowers up close

Chive flowers up close


Big fellas :)

Big fellas 🙂


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