Shit oh dear, I have had such a bad Sunday and Sunday night.  We had Colin’s Works Christmas Party on Saturday night. While eating my meal I started getting tooth ache.  

It got bad enough that I walked two blocks to the car to get some pills to help.  I really didn’t want to be there, but wouldn’t go home as it is Colin’s workmates. I never let on at the time that it was that sore.  On the whole it was a nice night. The meal was good too.

I slept ok Saturday night then woke up yesterday with worse toothache. 😦 Gradually as the day went on, it got worse…into what I would describe as chronic toothache.  During the night the pains that I have had to suffer were horrendous.

I paced the floor and popped so many pills, including Tramadol (one down from Morphine) and Codine…nothing worked. Toothache is so cruel. Our Daughter heard me crying  in the lounge from her bedroom, so she jumped out of bed and tried to help me , googling remedies on her Iphone.  She even tried vodka and ice against my face to numb it. It was so touching that she was trying to help her old Mum 🙂

I managed to get in for an emergency appointment today at midday, I went to work in the morning and braved the pain..  It is best to keep busy.  The Dentist was shocked, and said no wonder I was in agony last night and that nothing worked. I had an abscess, and the  tooth had to be removed.  I’m not trying to sound like a toughie, but I can normally put up with lots of pain, with my bowel/tummy problems etc… I have had too.

Getting this tooth ripped out was one of the worst pains I have ever had, I was crying my eyes out in the surgery and screaming.  The poor people in the waiting room, it must have sounded like on the movies/ TV.  My legs were shaking so much, the Dentist apologized for having to be cruel, she said they are so sore and hard to remove. She hasn’t seen so much swelling before. 
Thank ‘F’ it is out, …is all I can say 🙂    The Dentist drained lots of the abscess, it was instant pressure relief.

I am sick to death of teeth problems and costs and dramas happening. I don’t think there will be lots of cash this year for Christmas Pressies.

I should be having the day off work tomorrow, but if I am ‘ok’ overnight I will go.  I don’t want to look like I have Chipmunk Cheeks again 🙂

This selfie I took late this afternoon is after the swelling has gone down a bit..

This selfie I took late this afternoon is after the swelling has gone down a bit..


Hello Kitty felt decorations

Hello Kitty felt decorations

I’m finishing this post with sometime positive and cute…I found these delightful felt Hello Kitty angels on the net on Saturday.  I want to make our Daughter one for Christmas if time.


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