After a walk up to  the Historic ‘Matakana’ building yesterday (north of Dunedin) Sharon, a Harrier walker and I went into a local second hand shop.  She loves them as much as I do.  I purchased a $15 brass deer.  She brought a giraffe 🙂



Brass is definitely out and old fashioned, but I have visions for this reindeer.  She has already been scrubbed clean, her broken antler filed, and she now has a coat of undercoat.  She is drying in the sun ready for the next uplift/modification to enhance her lovely features.

During - undercoat is going on ... more to come

During – undercoat is going on … more to come

And yes – we have sun today 🙂 It is a superb day, I have just been for an hour and a half walk around South Dunedin, then through St Clair and along the beach.  There were lots of families on the beach and some brave souls swimming in the water too.   

I forgot to tell you too, on Friday I called in to my Art Class for half an hour, to take home some of the things that didn’t sell at our Exhibition.  All of my exhibition pieces and artwork had sold, I just had to take some of my homemade items from the craft table home. 

I was flabbergasted (ha ha, that is a funny word I seldom use), the Tutors gave me an envelope with $609 cash in it 🙂  And that is after taking 20% commission off it.  I am so surprised and happy. 

I have already spent some of it 🙂
I have purchased a second hand (never worn though) Karen Walker necklace that I have been wanting for a long long time.  I knew I would never be able to afford to buy it normally.  I had it planned to buy it if I sold enough art.  

They are normally $300 for this particular bow necklace, I got my one, still in it’s box for $200 🙂  It has never been worn.  It should be sent here from Auckland before the end of the week.    Lucky me = my Christmas present to myself.

New Zealand Designer Karen Walker -  bow necklace

New Zealand Designer Karen Walker – bow necklace


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