Isn’t ‘Gina’ such a pretty name.  Our Niece, Gina now lives with her Partner, Johnny up there in the North Island, in beautiful New Plymouth.

This cute panda picture is for you Gina

This cute panda picture is for you Gina

This year was Gina’s first time not in her home town of Dunedin for Christmas Day.   We all miss her, especially our Nephew Andy who is very close to her.  She loves it up there in New Plymouth living with her ‘In-laws’ to be.   She has a super new office job as a Personal Assistant, is seeing heaps of different parts of New Zealand, making new friends and bascially having a great time.  She needed something new as had been working as a Cafe Assistant then becoming Manager for years here in Dunedin.

This is our Gina

This is our Gina

We sent Gina a clothing voucher amongst other ‘bits and bobs’ for Christmas this year as she will be needing to buy some new funky work clothes and dress up as a lady rather than in an uniform or apron for work.  This won’t be hard as Gina IS a beautiful lady already, Johnny is a lucky man.   And Colin and I  were lucky that she gave us lovely gifts for Christmas too, including a neat VW Kombi Tee Shirt for Colin & this thoughtful ornament with kind and positive words on it.  She knows we are getting through the challenges that we have been given.  


And again


Her name, is Italian and means either ‘Queen’ or ‘well born’.   Her Mother (my Sister) did a great job of giving birth to her and raising her as a thoughtful, fine young lady.  Therefore I think the name ‘Gina’ suits being ‘well born’, Gina may beg to differ and prefer ‘Queen’ !  😛


Thanks  and Happy New Year to you and Johnny and everyone of my blog readers. 

You are the ‘ BEES KNEES’ GINA, we love you xxx



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