On Tuesday I took myself off to the movies for a change and a treat, also on Tuesdays it is cheaper to get it.  There wasn’t much of a choice as I wanted to go in the morning rather than the afternoon, therefore it had to be ‘Mr Turner’.  

Armed with a big cuppa of takeaway coffee I made my way in (almost late) to a packed theatre/cinema.

Mike Leigh’s film received nominations in seven categories, including film of the year, and actor of the year for Timothy Spall’s spittle-flecked performance in the title role.

It is a story about an English landscape painter, Joseph Turner (1775 -1851), he was renowned for being the master of light with regards to his paintings.  It is a true story of his last 35 years.


Although I normally love true stories and the acting skills and costumes were magnificent,… the film went for 2 1/2 hours.
Two people walked out half way, a lady was asleep beside me and someone was snoring loudly behind me :P. Maybe it was Pensioners Day and the oldies couldn’t stay awake 🙂 

I know the movie has been nominated for quite a few awards….but

Timothy Spall was a great actor (Mr Turner)

Timothy Spall was a great actor (Mr Turner)

I didn’t like the ending, there was a little humour that was amusing to the audience, but the story just dragged on a bit too lonnnnnnnnnnng… not the best movie I have been to, but it was ok, I am still glad I went.

This morning I have been for a good hard walk in the heat by myself through the very beautiful Ross Creek.  A scenic walk, I feel better for doing it now.  I now have energy to get stuck into the housework.

Ross Creek

Ross Creek

Have a good day.


Flowers in the bush at Ross Creek

Flowers in the bush at Ross Creek


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