I have just finished lots of chores outside =  boriiiiiiiiiing, but they do need done. 

Picking up weeds off the grass into the rubbish bin, watering the glass house, changing the chicken’s water, feeding the piggie, hanging the washing..just the usual stuff.   

I don’t mind really and like being busy and outside, but I just feel like making something.   Not inside though.  It has finally stopped drizzling, it has been for two days constantly.  The grass and garden and our water tanks did need that rain though.  Also the poor farmers in Central Otago and the North Island that are almost in a drought without any feed for their livestock.  I hope they managed to get some rain too.  

I might start a new knitting project.  I have just finished knitting a beanie and a little baby scarf for a chap at my work.  He is a Grandad now to a 14 month old sweet little girl called Ruby.  I love that name.  I put pom poms on the hat and the ends of the scarf.   Grandad doesn’t know I have been making it, I will take it to work tomorrow. It will hopefully keep Ruby warm next winter.

Colin is in the garage mucking about with my VW he is restoring for me.  It has been a long project because of lack of money and time, due to Colin being sick and in hospital for all those months.  And without us having any wages coming in.

The car is now getting put back together  after it has been painted…yes you guessed the colour. A different green.  🙂

I am so excited, I have loved Karmann Ghias for years, always wishing to own one.  We brought the car around 8 years ago, Colin started restoring it and fixing the rust etc around 2 years ago.

We have had to buy a lot of parts, mostly from overseas to replace rusty, dented or missing parts on the car.

He likes pottering around on the car when he isn’t too tired, especially at the weekend.   It will be like a brand new car when finished, even though it was originally built in 1972.  It will become my daily driver…can’t wait.

Here’s a peek of a bit of the progress  along the way:

Oops, I can’t , WordPress has just told me I don’t have enough space to add a photo?  I will have to work out how to maybe delete some older photos?   

I will post you some photos when I am able to 🙂





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sartenada
    Apr 13, 2015 @ 23:25:42

    Add Your photos in Flickr and then link them to here. After few years I have do also the same.


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