Today  I haven’t done much at all.  I got up later than normal at 930 am, making the day go really fast 😦

After picking up some of the new seasons apples from the local market in town, we went for a bit of a mini road trip to Allanton to visit a new retro, vintage shop.  I did spy a beautiful large red art glass vase, it was huge.  It was $130, and worth it really, but I didn’t have that sort of money, therefore we just admired it.  It was very very heavy.

 The shop use to be a shop that sold honey to the public.  It is just by the turn off to Dunedin Airport.  We will go back again one day, armed with a heavy wallet 🙂

We did a round trip through the farms and lifestyle blocks to the little township of Outram.  We stopped for a coffee at the ‘Wobbly Goat Cafe’, by then it was 3pm and the sun was finally out.  It was a cold start to today, Dunedin  only reached 15 degrees today, and it is still summer 😛


I haven’t done much else apart from the washing, although yesterday I did lots of things and mowed the lawns and did gardening too.  I guess it is ok to have a bit of a rest day once in a while.

Yesterday was Valentines Day as you know. I brought Colin a big Magnum of beer – Grolsch it is a 1.5 litre HUGE bottle   , his eyes lit up when I arrived home from town with it.  I also gave him a treat of a long cream bun, something he likes but never has. It didn’t last long.


I hope you all either received something nice for Valentines Day or treated yourself to a cake of chocolate or something nice.  


Have a nice week.  D


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