Last Friday night there was an accident at the end of our street.  It happened 5 mins before Colin turned in to the street on his way home from work.  It could have so easily of been him.


We had the radio on listening to the Talk Back Station as TV was so boring.  Even though it was two paddocks down on the corner of our street and a main road we never heard anything.  We heard about it on the news on the radio. Hearing that made our hearts sink.  It is not far from where Colin was almost killed when that horse was on the road and he hit it at 80kms.

Our new one year old doggie, coming for a walk with me to give the flowers

Our new one year old doggie, coming for a walk with me to give the flowers

We heard one occupant in one of the cars had died at the scene, and the other one died on Saturday in Dunedin Hospital.  We felt sick about it all night and weekend.

 They were a Korean couple that had been working and living in Dunedin.  They had been to Tunnel Beach (a tourist spot) and pulled out of the road either without looking or not seeing the vehicle coming up the main road 😦   It is an 80km speed limit.   That person was unhurt, but both vehicles were catapolted into my neighbours paddock down a ditch, taking out the Give Way sign.   

The roads were cordoned off for hours, our Daughter couldn’t get home at 9 pm from her caregiving job.  

It is so so sad, there are still not a lot of details about it as Next of Kin / Family live in Korea and had to be told first.

For that reason, I took our new doggy, one we rescued from the SPCA down to the accident scene about an hour ago (more about her later).

 I tied a big bunch of roses onto the new Give Way sign.

It was the least we could do for their family not being here.


Our heart and thoughts go out to them, it must be so hard when dreadful things like this happen when people are not in their own country.




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