Today I have finally managed to sew a skirt with some vintage fabric I had been hoarding for a lonnnnnnng time.   I hope I haven’t made it too short.   It hides ma knees 😛 so should be good enough to wear to work tomorrow with some nice comfy black leather sandals and maybe a black cardie. I took a photo up close of the fabric to show you how pretty it is.

My new skirt

My new skirt

Yesterday I went with a few friends down to Port Chalmers way for a pretty good walk, I think it was around 10 kms although it felt like more due to plenty of hills.  It was lovely walking around different suburbs, peering it peoples pretty …or messy gardens as we pounded the pavements.  

There were about 15 of us, including only 3 men.   The hills were good as I have put my name down for a walking and running race down South next Saturday, I have done it once before, it was a challenge. It takes about two hours to drive there.  It is called The Papatowai Challenge.

 It is 16.5 kms long with  many different terrains: beach, bush, farm land, hills (or mountains as I recall) and gravel, then road to the finish line.  I hope I make it, what have I done putting my name down!.  

We do have to push ourselves though and have goals in life.   I remember last time, two years ago when I did it, I said ‘never again’…it nearly killed me going up one of the huge hills.   But here I am again…I should have pulled a finger out and did a bit more practicing.  I just ran out of time, excuse the pun.    The goal will be to cross that finish line, upright  🙂   And when you are a Walker, there is strictly NO running, otherwise people get disqualified. …and fair enough.

Afterwards we went to a nice cafe at Port and sat under a semi enclosed pergola over our heads as the rain drops became heavier.  There was plenty of coffee to be sipped, lots of chatter and some even got a cake or too.  I  shouted myself a Gluten Free almond crescent.  My friend got one too, I am sure they were two weeks old and crumblier than normal G F baking.   My friend made an error and didn’t realise it was G Free.   We still ate them, so not to waste our money but they were disgusting…ha ha.   The coffee, company and setting was A+ 

Pretty vintage fabric, up close

Pretty vintage fabric, up close

I also picked up one of my favourite magazines ‘Frankie’ from the local bookshop on the way home, I think it will be bed early tonight for a read.  Shame this Australian Magazine is only out every two months.  It is well worth the 12 bucks.  🙂



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