One day I would love to buy a piece of Shane Hansen’s art.  I love his work.   Shane likes strong, clean lines.  His creations spring from a world of bold colours and optimistic clarity, a pop-art invitation to a feel-good New Zealand celebration.  

Shane Hansen

Shane Hansen

In some of Shane’s works he is fusing his own Maori heritage and strong sense of family.  He studied art at high school but began his professional life as a fashion designer.

blob (1)

 Then he trained as a graphic designer, eventually combining the two disciplines.

blob (6)

On Shane’s own walls in his family home is paintings from his Grandfather and Great-Grandfather, both of Danish origin, and his Mother’s side of the family is a mixture of Chinese and Maori.  

One day I hope to  buy a piece of his art, I do have one of his tea towels 😛  I wouldn’t dare use it though to dry the dishes.

Another New Zealand Artist I love is Dick Frizzell and his son Otis’s work.  And the super famous Ralph Hotere, the Dunedin Artist.

We do own two pieces of Dick’s work, we brought one of his prints a few years ago and had it framed by the studio and the other one recently – Mickey to Tiki.

blob (5)

blob (7)

blob (2)

blob (4)

I want this lamp too

I want this lamp too

He even designs greeting cards

He even designs greeting cards

blob (9)



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