Hi, waking up to a cooler sunday morning with a little more drizzle after last nights down pour of rain, I decided to make Colin breakfast in bed 🙂  

We don’t normally sleep in and were surprised to see 8am on the clock, we must have needed it.

We have a long weekend and an extra day off work tomorrow to celebrate Otago Anniversary.  For my overseas followers this means only the people of the Otago Region have a holiday and the rest of NZ have their special day to celebrate their city and region at another time.

Autumn seems to be here now, well and truly.  There was buggar all  sun today or me wearing my shorts.

Yesterday, after my usual Saturday early morning hill city walk I went to meet a few friends at the Museum to view Dunedin’s famous Artist – Ralph Hotere’s personal collection of ceramics that he had collected over the years.

The exhibition is on for a month, but yesterday was the Opening we were lucky enough to have his friend, Barry Brickell a ceramicist there giving the presentation.  He spoke of his friend, Ralph, how he helped him make his first kiln down at Port Chalmers where they both lived.  Barry was very funny talking about the man and the time they connected through their art.  

This is the brochure we were given at the Opening

This is the brochure we were given at the Opening, note the whisky bottle on the table  along with a milk bottle and smokes.

Ralph sometimes swapped his paintings with ceramicists for their works.  The collection is really amazing.  He had a lot of pieces from Barry, Richard Parker, Trevor Lewis, Michael Trumic and many more.   One of Michael’s pieces is an astray, something that is seldom used inside a house these days.   Most people smoke outside now.  

Ralph Hotere spent many hours with these artists, becoming good friends, he collected many of their pieces for personal reasons.  He admired them greatly.   An exhibition worth seeing.


 Last night I painted a little more of my skull union jack painting…it is just about finished.  I just want to put some words around the outside of the piece – something like ‘life is too short, smile while you still have all ya teeth!’.    Some thing humorous like that would be good. 


For some reason even though I am a true ‘kiwi’ I love the union jack flag and the stars & stripes flag also.  Crosses, skulls and hearts are also favourites that I use in my pieces that I make.

In the background is another piece of art I am working on. 

This afternoon I went and saw my friend Tom as he hasn’t been well, I was a little worried about him.  He is the fittest person you would meet for a 70 year old.   I think he appreciated my surprise visit and seems to be on the mend.

Tomorrow I am hoping that we may get a little break and rest and go for a drive, not anywhere too far.  Maybe a drive down to Port Chalmers, where the famous Ralph Hotere use to reside. 🙂 

I know there are a few second hand shops down there ha ha.

Another quote I like is:


Have a nice night 🙂




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