Today I purchased some neat fabric from a local store in town. It is of Campbell’s Soup Cans.  🙂   Andy Warhol the Artist produced a work of  pop art in 1962 of 32 of these cans of soup, all in different flavours. 

Andy was a man of many many talents, he was was a fashion illustrator, painter, printmaker, sculptor, magazine publisher, filmmaker, photographer, and archivist of his times. His early paintings drew on his experiences as a commercial illustrator, and appropriated motifs from advertising and comics..

I like Warhol’s work and also Pop Art, so I had to buy a metre of this fabric to make a skirt.  I also wanted something unexpected on the back of the skirt, so found some spotty fabric to go with it.  
I like things a little different and like spots too.  All I have to do now is hand sew the hem. To my surprise the zip went in quite well.  They are normally a bit wonky when I put them in,  but I achieved it without any tucks. 🙂

I think I may be wearing this skirt sometime this week to work.  I guess I will be receiving a few comments on it, probably weird ones.

As long as I like something then I’ll wear it!  😛

Back to work tomorrow after the Easter Break, I have had my chocolate fix.





Up close

Up close



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