I was up extremely early this morning for an 830 am start of a mountain race.  

I have always wanted to do this particular one one day before I turn 50, I still have 2 years to go, but was persuaded to enter it at the last minute this week.  It is known to be a hard walk & running race.

I don’t have a ‘bucket list’ as such, although I do have things to achieve or try upstairs in my little head.  

This morning it basically went for a km then straight up the first mountain, I was the third person up the front for as least half of the race, but was then overtaking my an older chap.   He was a lovely guy who ended up knowing my Aunty and Uncle.   I spoke to him afterwards.  He is actually a runner and said he thought he would walk it this year and that he is good on the hills….and he was.  

I tried to keep up but remembered I still had a long way to go on a walk and terrain I was unsure of.   I reminded myself that I was doing it for me and to walk my own race  rather than being silly trying to keep up with others and nearly killing myself.  

As it turned out I came in in 4th place over the finish line, I am very weary and will probably be stiff or sore tomorrow.  I am a road walker normally not a cross country walker, it was a good change.

It rained most of the 11 kms, it was rocky, windy, freezing cold and very slippery with lots of puddles.  There was a fair bit of down hill too so you had to be careful with your footing.

 Two hills on the track near the end  that kept on going were steep and had lots of rocks, it was a killer.   Such a relief to get to the end.

 The chap that talked me into competing in the race this year instead of next year is a runner. He works at my work and was entering the 26 km run for the first time, he has only done the shorter 11 km distance.   I will find out tomorrow how he went.  What an achievement it would be for him. 🙂 We may both be walking slowly in the morning 😛


Bloody impressive for the runners to run that distance in those conditions and that terrain.  I take my hat off to them 🙂

I am not sure if I will do it again but I am very very happy I did.  

Maybe I might plan on a different walk before I turn 50 to do. 

I wanted to add a photo of my filthy shoes and legs, but wordpress keeps telling me I haven’t got enough space, I have deleted heaps and heaps of old posts with photos and have also made the photos smaller to add, but I still can’t add any 😦   Can anyone help me, what am I doing wrong or what do I need to do?   Any advice would be thankfully received.






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