Brrr, it is blimmin cold.  Snow is forecast for the lower South Island.  We had a few sprinkles this afternoon, it has settled a bit in Queenstown. Apparently overnight we are due for a big dump of it😦

Colin and I went on a road trip today to Lawrence, a small township an hour out of Dunedin.  We went with 11 members of our Volkswagon Car Club.  Colin and I organized this club run, the first out of town event we have arranged.  I am sure if the weather was not so bitterly cold, wet and windy, we would have had a lot more attendees coming.

Anyway we met and set out at 11am this morning, arriving home at 4pm.   We met another VW lover in Lawrence about 6 months ago.  He told us to bring our club up sometime to have a look around his Vintage Machinery and Car Club he belongs too.  

We stopped at a warm Cafe first for lunch, called the Wild Walnut.  Great service there 🙂 , we then made our way around to the club.  

It was super, they made us feel very welcome, even apologizing for the weather 😛  We saw neat old cars, tractors, collections of bottles, valve radios, tvs, newspapers, telephones-  all sorts of things.  It was fascinating.     We all want to go back sometime to have another look… on a warmer day though.

A good day out, even though Colin and I felt like our toes and paws were going to fall off due to the coldness.  

We may not get to work tomorrow, depending on the overnight weather….Right I am going back towards our wood fire to warm up my paws again.  Have a good night. 



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