Yesterday afternoon in extremely cold and wet conditions my Harrier’s Club tackled a Cross Country Event near a local beach.  

It was so so cold, muddy, windy, rainy, we also had hail while doing the event.   

It was also very, very fun to enter and complete two circuits of the course.  I think it was around 4.5 kms overall.  The children went first, they were all runners while the Adults stood around cheering them on and trying to shelter while we waited out turn shivering.   

Off we all went, Runners at the front and Walkers behind.  It was a great turnout from our club.  A young fast runner in front of me slipped over and fell splat on  the grass within 2 metres of the start line..  I just about arsed over trying to dodge him :P.  

We walked on gravel, greasy muddy grass, over sand dunes, up and down hills, over a bog with broken wooden pallets as our walkway, then thru massive puddles and quicksand and mud.  So so fun.  It was around the location of the Waldronville Speedway for car racing.

We were all relieved to finish, due to the wind etc, the fun part was trying to stay upright in the gusts of wind, and squealing through the ponds of brown water. ….Well I squealed anyway for the fun of it. 🙂

The worst part (and Yes I can certainly see the funny side of it) was on the first lap, I slipped on the muddy grass and went flying forward and fell flat on my face.   My woolen hat came down to my chin as I lifted myself up and off the ground I couldn’t see a blimmin thing :).   I was right near two Marshalls, thank goodness they didn’t have a camera.   It was NOT an elegant fall. 

I was with the front pack of Walkers, I picked myself up and was determined not to let it stuff me up in the head or put me off. I ignored my sore knee and scuffed nose. 


Some of our super runners above in this photo

In my delight….I ploughed on and came in and over the finish line knackered in 3rd place… 🙂  It was fun to feel delighted to get there after a bad start and to see my legs and shoes and everyone else’s with mud all over them 🙂   My friend that I walk with on Tuesday nights did it for the first time.   She did well too.  We all did.


I’m the one in the black above  🙂

Tomorrow night our Club is holding a fundraiser event = a Quiz night at a local Pub.   We are in teams of 6 and have to come up with a Team Name.   I like ‘Let’s get Quizzical’ or ‘Mixed bag of Nuts’.  Should be fun.

Have a good night or day everyone where ever you may be in the world.

And to my wee Sister – Buggalugs…I will email you soon ok Lugs. xxx







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