It is a dark morning in Dunedin, I guess it is winter afterall.   It certainly makes these cold and dark mornings harder to get out of bed.

Last night my friend and I went for a 11 km walk, we pounded the streets of Dunedin including a couple of hills.   We were not too cold once we had our hats and gloves on alongwith our glow in the dark fluro vests.  

I had to work late again and all of the rest of this week while training a new staff member at work.   I had 10 mins to get changed after work yesterday and then to drive to our meeting destination.   I don’t mind working the extra hours if I am given some notice but it does tend to muck things up at home, my routine and preparing meals etc when I don’t get a lot of notice.

Work is very mucky at the moment, one of my Colleagues is causing a bit of grief and uneasy feelings/vibes with the staff and Company in general.  It is very difficult to keep your mind straight and do your job well when all of this is going on.   ‘One foot in front of the other’ …

I have the Dentist again today, I’m afraid I have to get more teeth pulled out soon, I have no choice but to go with the flow.  I am not looking forward to it.  Today is just in preparation.  I think I will put it off as long as I can.  😛   Mostly not because I am a baby, but because of the costs they charge.  I think I might have to rob a bank to pay for it all.


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