Today is bitterly cold in Dunedin, I have been working overtime for about a month at work now.  This is the reason why I haven’t had much time to do a post on my blog.

I braved the cold weather when leaving work at 4pm, changing into lots of layers at work, then meeting my friend to do our usual Tuesday night walk.   We are either mad or brave as it was blimmin cold.   Even with our gloves on we still had cold paws.


We walked a good 10 kms, as I pulled into our driveway it is starting to snow, lots of small sprinkles.  I think we are in for a dumping again.  There is heavy snow south of Dunedin causing all sorts of problems with trucks stuck etc.  

I have added a couple of pretty flowers to brighten up the night, wishing spring was around the corner.  The fire is lit so nice and warm inside 🙂

Colin has just gone out to our VW Club meeting, it is monthly.  He doesn’t look the best tonight, I didn’t mention he didn’t look well as I know he wants to go. He is a funny colour.  He is on a different chemo pill for a couple of weeks.  This one makes him sore, feel sick and he gets sores up his nose and lips etc.  He is doing well though and hopefully will be finished on the pills just before Christmas. 

Cushion for workmate

He is still plodding along on my Karmann Ghia car he is restoring for me, it is 80% finished and looks great.

yarrow, cerise queen.  good for attracting beneficial insects, enriches the soil

The back of the cushion

I have added a photo or two  of a cushion I have just made for a workmate at work, he and his wife like skulls like me.  I screen printed it after making my own stencil, then began sewing.  They liked it a lot.  🙂

Pottery I have just completed

Last but not least, a piece of pottery I have just completed at my Art Class.  I am not sure if I will use it as a plate or to hang on the wall.  It is still on display at my class. 


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