Another busy day at work today, not so frosty this morning.  I went for a 10.6 km walk with Janice. 

Look at this I purchased on Sunday from a recycling store.

It had just been donated 30 mins before, so I was very lucky to spy this gem and also pay only $20 for it.

Colin and I googled some information on it.  It is a 1940’s Rudge Whitworth Child’s Tricycle.  The front forks are designed to look like a girder fork motorcycle.

It was made by Raleigh after the war.  The Raleigh brand took over the Sunbeam tricycles in 1957.  

I have a little bit (really a big bit) of work ahead of me, the bike will need sanded, then straightened, painted, one spoke fixed, and I would like to somehow get the original badges/stickers for it. 

I won’t start this project until I finish a lamp I am making.

I have also added a photo of my Cookie Bear soft toy.  They were made by Cadbury years ago.  My Brother, Sister and I were all members of the Cookie Bear Club. On our birthdays we use to receive a Cookie Bear postcard in the mail, wishing us a Happy Birthday.  Oh the good old days. :0

Tomorrow night I have the Hospice Volunteer’s Christmas Party and meal to attend.   The Hospice shout all of us volunteers to a meal and get together in the middle of winter, it is their way of saying thanks to all of us for volunteering our time.

 I hope they remember my special needs : A Gluten Free meal, it is always a little nerve wracking when going out for a meal, either they sometimes don’t do anything for me or they have no clue or the understanding and importance of having to be Gluten Free when you have Coeliac Disease.   I will keep my fingers and toes crossed 🙂   Either way, it will be a fun get together, mostly with older people that are 90% of the Vollies. I have a lot of time for older people and their olden day stories of yesterday.  I bet some of them will remember my trike or may have had one.  🙂 








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