Colin and I helped out at the big Dunedin walking and running race today, either the Full Marathon, the Half or the new Quarter Marathon. 

It is my Harriers Club’s event for the year.  It is very popular, we even had people athletes coming from Australia and Singapore to attend.
We started Marshaling on our stretch of the route near the Harbour at 9am, and got home at 2pm ish.     It was so so windy and freezing, lucky we had warm clothes on…not an ideal spot to be allocated but a good feeling afterwards helping out.  I wanted to join them :P…maybe next year I will enter again.

It was nice to see the runners and walkers doing their thing.  We offered them encouragement and a smile when they past us.   Well done to anyone who competes in these events.   Especially on a windy day.  I bet there will be lots of weary bodies and sore feet tonight and tomorrow.  

Colin and I tried to move about a little bit to keep warm and to move our legs, it is hard standing in one spot for so long.

Nice to get a warm coffee afterwards.  🙂




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